Carl’s Steaks has gotten good reviews since it opened and I personally think they make a tasty cheesesteak. However, after what I witnessed the other night, Carl’s is off my list.

One would expect the steak and onions in any cheesesteak to be freshly cooked, so I was surprised when the cook pulled a large grey plastic tub full of cooked, chopped steak from the cooler and dumped half of it on the grill. He also had a large lexan full of pre-grilled onions that he proceeded to dump onto the grill.

When were these items cooked? Earlier in the day? Last night? Last week? Who knows?

As if that wasn’t enough, while the steak and onions were reheating on one side of the grill, he dumped at least a gallon of water on the other side to clean it off. Now, regular grill cleaning is a good thing, but it seems like it would be better if the main ingredients were not getting soaked with water during the cleaning process.

While there is probably nothing unsanitary about any of this, it just seems wrong. For $6.00, or any price for that matter, the ingredients should be at least somewhat freshly prepared. Not pre-cooked and reheated.

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  1. Hey man, that’s plain gross and possibly even unhealthy. Good thing I saw this before I went to Jury Duty and decided to kill my lunch hour at Carl’s.

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