Update 2007-05-10: I’ve received several inquiries from people regarding the status of their EasyPay applications or accounts. Please note that this site is in no way affiliated with the MTA or the EasyPay program. If you have questions or concerns about the program, contact the MTA. Whatever you do, please don’t leave your credit card number and expiration date in the comments here. I’ve also been asked by a few people to send them an application. If you are in need of an application, please download the application from the MTA’s site.

Did you know that you can get a Metrocard that automatically refills itself? Neither did I.

MTA’s EasyPay Xpress Program allows one to link a credit card to a Metrocard so that it will automatically recharge when the balance is low. This means no more stops at the Metrocard vending machine as your train is pulling out of the station and no more insufficient fare messages at the turnstile. This program, originally designed for express bus users, works on all MTA subway and buses. Unfortunately, it does not work for unlimited Metrocards, but one still gets the 20% bonus when their pay per ride card is replenished.

It could be easier to get one of these Metrocards; it appears that they are only available after filling out an application. Of course, there is no online application, but one can download an EasyPay Xpress Program application from the MTA’s web site. I’m mailing mine in today!

via Gothamist

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