Dave points out that there should be a better way to cite multiple sources in a blog post. I agree, but I don’t want to add a sentence describing the trail of blogs that ultimately led to mine in each applicable post.

Instead, I’ll start including the chain at the bottom of the post. Items I lift directly from somewhere else without directly citing the source in the post get a “via” link anyway. Now I’ll click back to find the source–which is probably a good idea anyway. I can’t promise extensive research, but the sorts of things I am writing about here are probably no more than two or three posts away from the originator.

Here is an example of what the “via” link would look like on a recent post where I originally cited only lifehacker:

via A Whole Lotta Nothing :: lifehacker

In this case, it only lists one additional site, but you get the idea. The first link listed is first reference I found and the last link is the place that I first read about it. In some cases, there could be a few sites in between. This effort won’t take much more time on my part and it will give some credit where credit is due.

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