This is just a quick check-in on the One a Day Project. I was just catching up on over a week’s worth of photos when I realized the halfway point has been passed. This seems like a good time to reflect.

Two things come to mind immediately:

  • It’s a challenge to take an interesting photo every day
  • I need to expand my daily routine

There are some real clunkers in this library of photos, not to mention several days where I didn’t even manage to get one shot (more on that later). Most of these photos, good bad or otherwise are taken around maybe three locations. All of which are within a narrow range of home and work.

I wasn’t sure what to do about the days when I had absolutely nothing. There are a couple days where it’s obvious that I just snapped something around the apartment at the end of the day. There are several days when I forgot to do even that. In order to stick to my one rule, I could either skip those days altogether, or highlight my failure with a placeholder image. I’ve chosen the latter.

I need to post about 167 more photos to finish up this project. While doing so, I’ll really try to get something marginally interesting daily while expanding my range.

Wish me luck…

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