A couple weeks ago, a blog roll returned to the pages of this fine publication. After adding it, I wondered if there is any etiquette/best practice regarding which pages should include the blog roll. At first, I just went with the default and it was included on every page. However, it seems spammy to include 50+ outgoing links on every page of the site. I’ve since scaled it back to the home and about pages, which seems about right, for this site anyway.

OK Jazz Podcast #170 includes a great “memory lane” mix. The tracks he chose remind me of two periods in my life. The 80s pop/rock tracks take me back to my childhood while the earlier R&B/Disco songs remind me of my move to New York City. When I arrived in 1999, Jammin 105 (home of “New York’s Jammin Oldies”) was on the air. Hear a sample of Jammin 105 from that very year on Youtube.


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