Caught up on the One a Day pictures this week. I had neglected them for more than a week, which meant there were several missing pictures. With less than a month left in this project, I’ll try to finish strong and take a picture every day.

After a long pause, I started listening to the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast again. I caught up on the last few month’s episodes. Dave says I’m now a reformed “I used to listen to your show” person. I stopped listening to Evil Genius Chronicles when my podcast consumption went to zero. I’m not sure what the trigger was. I think my commute shortened to the point where I stopped listening to anything, and I tend to listen to music if I’m at home or working.

Anyway, I’m glad to have added Evil Genius Chronicles to my very short list of podcasts which includes OK Jazz, Tokyo Jazz Joints and The War On Cars. The last one might be on the cusp of “I used to listen to your show”. Their last live show was pretty good, so I’ll see how the next couple episodes are.

Back to Evil Genius Chronicles. He mentioned a couple things in the batch of episodes I caught up on this week that I could really relate to:

  • The procrastination spiral: Basically, when someone is avoiding one task but rather than doing another, they don’t do anything remotely productive. I’ve got that and he describes the feelings around this so well in his November 3, 2024 episode.
  • Note taking/journaling, paper vs. electronic: He is absolutely right that nothing is faster than jotting down a note on paper. Over the years, I’ve switched between paper and electronic a couple times. Currently, I’m in electronic mode. I prefer the searchability, and my handwriting is atrocious. My pen and paper days have also left me with a collection of never-referenced moleskines that currently occupy valuable New York City real estate and I’m not sure what to do with them.


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