What started off as a test installation of Movable Type has turned into a ten-year-old site. To mark the tenth anniversary of jpreardon.com, here are the 10 most popular posts:

  1. Wacky Weather Widget
  2. Skype on Mac with Jawbone Headset
  3. Google Analytics Mobile Tracking With Rails
  4. AJAX drag and drop on Rails
  5. NYC to Montreal and Back (in Four Parts)
  6. Automatically Refill Your Metrocard
  7. Motorcycle Parking at NYC Muni-Meters
  8. ActiveRecord Tutorial
  9. EasyPay Metrocard Update
  10. IA/UX Stencils, Templates and Patterns

I’m not sure why a random post about a weather widget is so damn popular. It continues to be one of the most visited pages on this site. Although, in the last six months or so, it is has been been knocked out of the top spot by more informative posts such as Temperature Logging with Twine and ThingSpeak and Pomodoro Timer.

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