Photo Credit: Every Day Calendar

I really like this Every Day Calendar. It’s simple and I can see how it could be really effective at helping one do something every day.

This is almost like a physical version of the personal unit tests that I’ve written about before. One of these days, I hope to dust off that project. Maybe an Every Day Calendar would help to motivate…

via Arduino Blog

LOW←TECH MAGAZINE: How to Build a Low Tech Website

The Internet is not an autonomous being. Its growing energy use is the consequence of actual decisions made by software developers, web designers, marketing departments, publishers and internet users. With a lightweight, off-the-grid solar-powered website, we want to show that other decisions can be made.

via Brad Frost

Crafting an accessible site is a multidisciplinary task for sure. One of the things that designers can do early in the process is ensure readability. A big part of this is font size and color choices that are contrasty enough to read.

Here are two (Mac) tools that can help:

  • Contrast A helps pick foreground and background colors that meet minimum contrast standards
  • Frank DeLoupe gives you an eyedropper anywhere–awesome

I heard about both of these from Brad Frost and Dan Mall’s designer/developer workflow video.

Brad Frost and Dan Mall posted a video of them collaborating on a site redesign. For nearly two hours, they are live designing, coding and narrating their process–I watched the whole thing. I imagine that this is what it’s like for gamers watching a great team on YouTube or Twitch.

Here are several points that really stood out to me: